girl applying cream to her left shoulder while looking back at the camera

5 Things We Deew Each and Every Day to Feel Our Best

By Sarah Price

girl applying cream to her left shoulder while looking back at the camera

Contrary to popular belief, self-care doesn’t have to take hours, cost hundreds of dollars, or feature the newest trends. There are so many simple and accessible yet impactful ways we can elevate our mood and support our wellbeing, right from our own homes. Read on to discover the five things we deew each and every day to feel our best. 

The Things We Smell

Scent is a powerful thing so every morning it’s one of the first steps we take to feeling our best. 

In fact, behavioural studies have shown that scents are able to trigger more vivid emotional memories than images (1). Which is especially useful because once you start to associate a particular scent with a productive day, bedtime, or even a chill night with friends, incorporating that scent into your everyday will help you invoke those feelings anywhere, anytime. 

mimosa glass in the background with fresh grapefruit. tin candle in the foreground with label that says mimosa.

 We’ll often turn on an essential oil diffuser or light a candle first thing in the morning to invoke the mood we need. More often than not it’s a fresh boost of citrus (to go with our morning OJ!), in which case we reach for the Mala the Brand Mimosa Candle, a delicious and energizing blend of orange, lemon, grapefruit, peach, red currant, with a hint of vanilla.

 The Things We Hear

The next thing we do is turn on a playlist full of good energy.

Luckily you no longer have to scroll Spotify for half an hour because we made the ultimate chill-list! From checking your emails to cooking dinner, this playlist will help you find a moment of chill among the chaos. Stay tuned for a second playlist, coming soon.

The Things We See

The things we see and the environment we surround ourselves with have a major impact on how we feel. 

One of the things we deew to feel our best is get outside! From a quick walk in our neighbourhood (matcha in hand!) to BC’s beautiful hiking trails, there’s so many ways to enjoy the outdoors. 

Not convinced? Here’s four reasons to get outside each and every day:

  1. Studies show time spent in nature has a strong connection to reduced levels of stress, anxiety, and depression (2)
  2. Being outside can improve memory function and help you focus (3)
  3. Spending time in nature can give you a creative boost (that’s reason enough for us!!!)
  4. Walking in nature has been shown to improve sleep quality (4)

The Things We Touch

So you’ve got your candle lit, your playlist going, and you’ve had a walk around the block. How else can you support your wellbeing and feel your best? Deew!

hand with cream on the inner wrist

 We formulated our cannabis-infused treats to offer an escape from your hectic schedule, to help you slow down and create an impactful daily ritual that’s just for you. Soften your skin, ease the tension, awaken your senses, and enjoy the moment as you scrub, moisturize, and glow. 


The Things We Taste

Invite one last ritual into your day with a wellness beverage. What exactly is a wellness beverage? We like to think of them as a modern way to add antioxidants, adaptogens, and other supplements into your day.

flat lay of soda cans of Daydream with harsh shadows

Our favourite wellness beverage is Daydream, a hemp and adaptogen infused sparkling water. It’s refreshing, easy to drink on-the-go, and we can’t help but love the hemp oil! Do yourself a favour and enjoy their Cucumber Lime with fresh cucumber slices over ice for an energizing, wellness-infused boost to your afternoon. You can thank us later.


We hope this guide helps you live your best life every single day. When it comes to your wellness practices, don’t forget to always Deew You. If you have questions leave them below! 




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