How to Create a Dreamy Evening Ritual

How to Create a Dreamy Evening Ritual

By Sarah Price

How to Create a Dreamy Evening Ritual

At Deew we’re all about inspiring an escape from the hectic world while encouraging you to slow down and create impactful daily rituals. Today we’re sharing our dreamy evening ritual with the hopes it inspires you to create your own!

Set the Mood with Tunes

At the end of a long day the first thing we’ll do (after closing our laptops!) is put away our phones. Screen time can seriously impact your ability to relax and fall asleep, not to mention what mindless scrolling can do to your mental health. Setting aside an hour or two to stop our scroll has taken our dreamy evening rituals to the next level. 

Once that’s out of the way we like to turn on some calming tunes. Our go-to is the You Deew You #1 playlist. We’re a bit biased, but it’s truly the ultimate chill-list for whenever you want to unwind.

Calm Your Mind

Every night we reach for our Dream Pillow Spray, part of our new Dream Cream Sleep Set. Its light formula features aloe vera juice, witch hazel, and the trio of calming essential oils you know and love from our Dream Cream Cannabis Cream: lavender, patchouli, and bergamot. This spray is a wonderfully simple way to calm your mind and soothe your skin.

While formulated for your pillows, we love spritzing this tonic on our face and body, and even using it around our home whenever we need a quick moment of calm. 

Dream-Inducing Evening Wellness

We like to incorporate simple, accessible wellness practices into our evening rituals. We’ll reach for a cup of chamomile tea, take our adaptogens and supplements, and depending on how we feel, enjoy a little movement. If it’s still light outside, an evening walk is a great way to get a final dose of fresh air before bed, and if it’s dark we like to do a little yoga at home

All of these practices help us unwind, support our wellbeing, and prepare our bodies for rest.

Dreamy, Cannabis-Infused Skincare

As a beauty and wellness brand, we can’t enjoy an evening ritual without beauty! An essential step in our dreamy evening ritual is pairing our Dream Pillow Spray with our best-selling Dream Cream.

This cannabis-infused treat is a blend of nourishing oils and butters like cannabis sativa seed oil, murumuru butter, and argan oil. It’s full of essential fatty acids that will nourish your complexion and strengthen your skin barrier, and it’s rich in protective antioxidants and calming essential oils.

Your skin will be left soft and dewy, and you’ll be ready for a dreamy night’s sleep.

Enjoy a Dreamy Night’s Sleep

When your pillows have been spritzed and your skin is nourished, the final step is applying your Dream Sleep Mask. Made with oh-so-soft silk, it’ll keep the lights out while you sleep in. 

What does your dreamy evening ritual look like? Tell us below!


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