Our founder is DEEW soon!

Our founder is DEEW soon!

By Kelly Turner

Our founder is DEEW soon!
Guess what!? We're DEEW soon! ⁠

Our founder, Kelly, is pregnant.

Learn how she's been using Deew throughout her pregnancy with 4 tips that have helped make growing a human a little more awesome.

1. Morning Deew: great for your belly, relieves itching, adds moisture for stretching skin.

2. Dream Cream: great for your belly, adds a sense of calm, and helps with insomnia⁠.

3. Body Buzz: scrubs away belly dryness — can be used in the shower before lathering Morning Deew on your belly.⁠

4. NEW PRODUCT Deew Drops: great for face, nipples, and belly buttons⁣⁣⁣.⁠


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