picture of a Deew Dream Cream product filled with makeup brushes on a white bathroom counter top.

What You Need to Know About Sustainability Now

By Sarah Price

picture of a Deew Dream Cream product filled with makeup brushes on a white bathroom counter top.

What does sustainability *actually* mean? How can we be more sustainable in our daily lives? What does Deew do to be more sustainable? Read on to learn the answers to these questions and more!

What Does Sustainable Mean?

There are a lot of definitions for sustainability, but our favourite is “the quality of not being harmful to the environment or depleting natural resources, and thereby supporting long-term ecological balance” (1).

Something that is sustainable isn’t destructive to the land, soil, or water, nor does it deplete our limited natural resources. This means we can continue these practices because they don’t have harmful long-term effects on the planet. 

Sustainable practices include using wind or solar energy, rotating crops to avoid soil depletion, and building green spaces in major cities. At the individual level, living sustainably might mean reducing the animal products we consume, avoiding single-use plastic, and opting for public transportation.

What Does Deew Do to Be Sustainable?

At Deew, sustainability is close to our hearts. Our CEO and founder, Kelly, makes sustainability a huge part of her life from daily choices like cloth towels over paper to co-founding a consignment warehouse sale, Hey Archive. She shops sustainably wherever possible, both in new brands and in consigned clothes and items, especially for her baby, Hendrix. When she founded Deew, sustainability was a priority. 

First and foremost, all of our products are made locally in Vancouver, BC with vegan ingredients. Making products locally reduces the cost and carbon footprint of shipping, and using vegan ingredients avoids the impact of animal farming. 

When it comes to packaging, we’re all about reusing and recycling. All of our direct to consumer packaging (the box your order ships in!) is reusable and recyclable. We don’t use any plastic foam or bubble wrap, only recycled paper.

How to Reuse and Recycle Deew Jars

If you’re looking to reuse your Deew jars, you’ve come to the right place. There’s so many ways to reuse them, but here are our favourites:

  1. Start a kitchen garden and plant herbs (mint, rosemary, thyme, even basil) in your Deew Jars.
  2. Use them to store makeup brushes and other bathroom essentials.
  3. Are you buying spices, loose-leaf tea blends, or the latest wellness supplement in bulk? Use your Deew jars at your favourite bulk store.
  4. Keep your pens and highlighters organized with your Deew jars.

If reusing isn’t your thing, you’ll be happy to know all of the Deew packaging is recyclable. When recycling our packaging (paper and boxes!) simply toss them into your recycling bin. When recycling our jars, first thoroughly clean the jar with soap and water, and leave out to dry before adding to your bin. Don’t forget to remove the label too! 

We hope this guide helps you understand sustainability, why it’s important, and what we’re deewing at Deew. If you have any questions leave them below, and don’t forget to tell us your favourite sustainability tips.


  1. https://www.dictionary.com/browse/sustainability


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