four skincare products in box packaging with light pink bacground

Your No-BS Guide to Understanding Cannabis Skincare

By Sarah Price

four skincare products in box packaging with light pink bacground

It’s new, it’s trendy, and it’s confusing. Introducing: cannabis-infused beauty. We know it, you know it, so we’ve put together your ultimate, no-bs guide to understanding cannabis skincare.

What is Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil?

There are a lot of cannabinoid compounds that can be extracted from the cannabis sativa plant, two of which are CBD and THC. While cannabis sativa seed oil is derived from the hemp plant, it doesn’t have any CBD or THC compounds, so it won’t get you high, it’s definitely legal, and it’s full of skin-loving benefits.

Did you know? No other oil from the plant kingdom is as rich in essential fatty acids as cannabis sativa seed oil, an important ingredient in maintaining healthy skin.

Cannabis sativa seed oil can also help calm inflammation, moisturize and balance your skin, it’s full of antioxidants to protect from the free radical damage that can cause signs of aging (aka wrinkles), and it can even brighten your skin tone and help dull skin become radiant once more. It’s a multi-tasking wonder that deserves a place in everyone’s skincare shelf.

Where Does Deew Source Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil?

We’ve partnered with Hemp Oil Canada, Canada’s first hemp-exclusive seed processing facility. Incorporated in 1998, they have two state-of-the-art facilities in Manitoba.

 Their line of hemp seeds has received FDA clearance as Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS), and they only produce strains of hemp that produce little or no THC. You can rest easy knowing your Deew products are full of safe, Canadian grown cannabis sativa seed oil that won’t get you high. 

How Can You Use Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil in Your Daily Rituals?

You can start by reaching for Deew! All of our products, from our Body Buzz to our Dream Cream to our Deew Drops, are infused with cannabis sativa seed oil. 

Reach for Body Buzz to scrub away rough patches and reveal soft, glowing skin. Follow with our cannabis creams: Morning Deew is the perfect morning ritual but it also makes for an energizing afternoon boost.We recommend Dream Cream right before bed to help you get your beauty sleep. Not only will our cannabis creams moisturize your skin, they’ll reduce inflammation, provide a healthy dose of antioxidants, and their dreamy scents will awaken your senses and boost your mood. 

When it comes to your face, slather yourself in cannabis sativa seed oil, found in our Deew Drops! Use five to ten drops morning and night to seal in your serums, moisturize, and keep inflammation (the kind that causes redness, irritation, even blemishes) at bay.

We hope this no-bs guide to cannabis skincare helps clear up the confusion. If you’ve got questions leave them below, and don’t forget to tell us how you’re using cannabis sativa seed oil in your skincare rituals.


  • Hi Sue! Thank you for purchasing our Dream Cream, we hope you love it. The Deew Drops are lovely for all skin types, especially as we move into the cooler months. We recommend using them in the morning and evening for a balanced, radiant complexion.

    You Deew You on

  • Hello! I just bought a jar of Dream Cream from Indigo and am looking forward to trying it, not only at night, but during the day as well. I am usually frazzled from the pain of Fibromyalgia, and I would like something to help relax me so I can not only sleep better at night but also give me a bit of calm the rest of the day. Looking forward to giving it a go. I’m also considering the deew drops, but would they be ok for moderately oily skin?

    Sue MacKenzie on

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